3rd National Literary Na`t Conference 2024

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Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is the founding leader of Minhaj-ul-Qur’an International (MQI), an organization with branches and centres in more than 90 countries around the globe, working for the promotion of peace and harmony between communities and the revival of spiritual endeavor based on the true teachings of Islam.


Na't is a vocal expression of devotion and love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who is recognized as the world's greatest teacher and leader. It is lyrical poetry that stands for admiration and adoration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Occasionally, Qur'anic verses are also taken to honor him in the presence of the Divine. Sometimes it resembles the blessings and greetings that the angelic hosts bring, and other times it is like the good news that is contained in the celestial writings.

The word "Na't" has been expressed in a variety of ways throughout history. Even his companions (Sahaba and Sahabiyyat), who were equally noble, contributed significantly to developing the Na't reciting tradition. Particularly, Hazrat Hassan-bin-Thabit excelled in this area and established a model standard.

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Purpose and Need of this Center

The literature of Na't has been the subject of significant effort in many languages around the world. However, maintaining respect for Muslim accepted norms and structuring as well as spreading them in an organized manner remained a significant difficulty. Additionally, concerns persisted regarding the development of uniform Na't literature.
It was necessary to create a complete dynamic center that could direct professionals in the in-depth thinking fields and where the fusion of faith, study, tradition, and knowledge connected to Na't could be clearly demonstrated. Although, it is true that Na't is a powerful way of expressing love for the Prophet (PBUH), advancing mankind, developing spirituality, reshaping the mind, building intellectual acuity, and cleaning the heart. However, our people suffer with moral decay, mental disturbance, restlessness, and lack of focus on daily basis. In this regard, standardized and powerful Na't literature can work as a genuine and meaningful guide for them, directing them in the right way of a worthwhile path and goal in life. 


To promote the Muslim’s love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through Na’t poetry and Na’tiya literature (literary work) while enhancing and preserving the hundreds years old Na’t culture and heritage.

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To build a strong foundation for conducting study, research, literary critique, and appreciation of Na'tiya literature, particularly in academic circles and universities which will be helpful in integrating Na't into academic courses in a systematic way.

Our Programs 

Focused Areas

  • Promotion of Na’t recitation, composition and refinement in the society.
  • Efficient organization and management of Na’t recitation, and listening sessions at public and specialized levels
  • Compilation and arrangement of the work done on Na’t literature at universities and other research institutions
  • Motivating and facilitating authors, researchers, poets, literati, and scholars working on Na’t literature and creating opportunities for their work to be appreciated at the public level
  • Implementation of diploma, master's, MPhil, and PhD programs in Na’t literature
  • Organization of national and international conferences, symposiums, seminars, and workshops on Na’t literature
  • Establishing the standards for research and critique, and work to advance Na’t literature
  • Advancing research and critique work in Na’t literature
  • Establishment of a comprehensive and inclusive Na’t library
  • Collection and preservation of ancient, rare, and manuscript Na’t literature
  • Special focus on Na’t composition and literature for children in the English language
  • Promoting connections and interactions between writers, researchers, and critics working on Na’t literature
  • Offer Na’t certification
  • Digitization of qualitative works related to Na’t
  • Utilizing electronic, social, and digital media to promote Na’t and Na’t literature

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To promote the Muslim’s love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through Na’t poetry and Na’tiya literature (literary work) while enhancing and preserving the hundreds years old Na’t culture and heritage.